The ZENAF study programm for the winter term 2010/11 is completed! As usual, our commented schedule lists all North America-related courses and seminars offered at Goethe University. You can download it as PDF file or browse the archive section for previous study programs. this year's teacher training at Weilburg, November 4th thru 6th 2010. In cooperation with Hessische Landeszentrale für politische Bildung (HLZ) and Staatliche Schulamt Darmstadt-Dieburg, ZENAF's Dr. Rüdiger Wersich put together an interesting program with the topic USA – China – India: New Challenges for Global Players?

The complete schedule with information on the speakers and on how to register can be found here.



The ZENAF is happy to announce the release of the latest ZENAF Arbeits- und Forschungspapier, a preprint series of work in progress. The current issue by Christian Lammert is titled "Social Security Under Pressure. Privatisierung und Alterssicherung unter George W. Bush". Make sure to either click here and download a copy of the latest ZAF or browse the archive section for previous issues. To learn more about the author of the recent ZAF, Christian Lammert, click here.

Please note that the ZENAF Arbeits- und Forschungspapiere will only be available in electronic form as PDF files. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.






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