Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University

The Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies, a highly prestigious chair established in 1996 by the German-American Fulbright Commission, has been granted to Frankfurt University for the time period of 2004 to 2009. In the context of this program, Prof. William F. Fox (University of Tennessee) and Prof. John L. King (University of Michigan) taught at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration during the academic year 2004/05. For the year 2005/06 and for the summer semester 2007 respectively, the university welcomed Prof. Hoyt N. Wheeler from the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina, and Prof. Mary Furner from UC Santa Barbara's Department of History. Prof. Andrew Arato from the New School for Social Research of the University of Chicago taught in the Department of Political Science during the academic year of 2007/08. We are currently happy to host Prof. Aaron Fogleman from Northern Illinois University who is teaching in the American Studies Department.


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